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Welcome To The Store!

I’ve collected a lot of motor racing memorabilia since I was a kid in the 1980s and have plenty of modern items I’ve either bought, been given, or had made. When you put them all together, there’s just too much stuff contained in boxes, poster tubes, and drawers that need to be sold and sent to new homes.

The home part is the main motivation for creating The Pruett Store as most of the proceeds from all the various items are being put towards the buying of a house for me and my wife, along with helping to cover our ongoing medical expenses. We also do a decent amount of fundraising for various charities with some of the stickers and prints in inventory, often with cancer or military-related causes.

So, as I dig through the decades of goodies to sell, I’ll post them in the hope of downsizing the collection and getting us closer to purchasing a home. 

Thanks for visiting–you are greatly appreciated.

~Marshall and Shabral